Why the Blog?

“Make your audience laugh without having them take you too seriously.” This is the message of inspiration for this blog I would get every time I happened to watch Fox News on TV.

I believe humor is one of the best tools for lightening, diffusing, or making a situation (awkward or not). It’s one of the things I know how to do best and it gives me satisfaction to make others laugh. Preferably not at my expense (but I’ll take it anyways).

All I really want is to get noticed and eventually become a contributor for The New Yorker or The Onion. With the exposure, I can publish my memoir and use the proceeds to obtain a mail-order bride before my 10-year high school reunion. Appearances. You understand.

One thought on “Why the Blog?

  1. Hey Matt–Loved this recent entry. Glad to find your blog. You ought to check in with the Excel Eye Clinic in Provo–I bet they would love having you work for them!


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